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Oncolytic alphavirus replicons mediated recruitment and activation of T cells
D.K. Bhatt, S.L.Meuleman, B.N.Hoogeboom, T. Daemen. iScience. (2024).

Oncolytic Virotherapy – Analysis, Design, Models
D.K.Bhatt. PhD Thesis (2024).


A SynBio community comes of age: Political, academical, industrial, and societal developments in the Netherlands.
D.K. Bhatt, M.E.Crooijmans, J.Coenradij, A. M. Valero, M.Lubbers, E.Asin-Garcia, N. A.Yewdall, S.D’Adamo, N.J.Claassens, S.Billerbeck. Biotech.Notes. (2022).

Modelling the spatial dynamics of oncolytic virotherapy in the presence of virus-resistant tumor cells. GitHub link to the model:
Bhatt DK, Janzen T, Daemen T, Weissing FJ. 2022, Plos Comp Bio. (Access PDF)

Poster presented at ISEV 2022: Tumor‐derived extracellular vesicles boost melanoma response to oncolytic therapy (Abstract view of poster #PT07.14.). (Access PDF)
D. Bhatt; S. Bustos; T. Daemen; R. Chammas; L. N. S. Andrade

Book chapter: Resposta Imune e Evasão (Tumor immune response and evasion). 2022, ONCOLOGIA Da Molécula à Clínica, published at CancerPlato . (Access PDF in Portuguese)


Resistance Mechanisms Influencing Oncolytic Virotherapy, a Systematic Analysis.
Bhatt DK, Chammas R, Daemen T. 2021, Vaccines, 9, 1166. (Access PDF)

A systematic analysis on the clinical safety and efficacy of Onco-Virotherapy.
DK Bhatt, L Wekema, LRC Barros, R Chammas, T Daemen. 2020, MolTher. Oncolytics. (Access PDF)

Tumor-derived extracellular vesicles: modulation of cellular functional dynamics in tumor microenvironment and its clinical implications.
NL Santos, SO Bustos, DK Bhatt, R Chammas, LNS Andrade Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 2391. (Access PDF)

Comparative analysis of three studies measuring fluorescence from engineered bacterial genetic constructs.
Beal J, Baldwin GS, Farny NG, Gershater M, Haddock-Angelli T, et al. and iGEM Interlab Study Contributors (2021), PLOS ONE 16(6): e0252263. (Access PDF


Therapeutic Vaccines and Cancer Immunotherapy.
Bhatt D, Daemen T. 2020, Vaccines (Basel);8(4):E596. (Access PDF)

Cellular Adaptation Relies on Regulatory Proteins Having Episodic Memory: Proteins Modulate Cell Metabolism and Reproduction by Remembering, Transmitting, and Using Data on the Environment.
Stan RC, Bhatt DK, de Camargo MM. 2020. Bioessays 42: e1900115 (Access PDF)

Chemical chaperones reverse early suppression of regulatory circuits during unfolded protein response in B cells from common variable immunodeficiency patients.
Bhatt D, Stan RC, Pinhata R, Machado M, et al. 2020. Clin. Exp. Immunol. 200: 73–86. (Access PDF)

Robust Estimation of Bacterial Cell Count from Optical Density.
Beal J, Farny NG, Haddock-Angelli T, Selvarajah V, et al. and iGEM Interlab Study Contributors. 2020, Nat.Comm.Bio. (Access PDF)